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We Elect Them To Represent Us, But Not This Way!!!

When Senator Roy AshBurn was arrested for DUI in Sacramento, the media was positively giddy over the revelation this provided into Roy's private life. The details of where he had been and who he had been with were discussed over and over again, with the actual DUI itself getting relatively little attention. Even the political pundits who pounced on this gem of an arrest ignored the drunk driving aspect.

Here's the Ashburn story that everybody seemed to miss. Drunk driving is a known serious problem in the counties Ashburn represented. One of his counties, Inyo, has the 4th highest DUI arrest rate in the state and is tied for 3rd highest DUI fatality rate. California has 58 counties. In this way, Roy was a fair representative of his constituents.

People living near state capitols should consider the roadway dangers posed by some politicians. Considering their 'population' and the fact that many politicians have drivers when they aren't going to bars, far too many of them wind up driving drunk and endangering the communities they either represent, or are visiting.

One thing we cannot be accused of is partisanship. When it comes to drunk driving, so what if Ashburn was a Republican? When it comes to drunk driving, who cares that Teddy was a Democrat? When it comes to drunk driving, what difference does it make if Bush really was one of those Reptilian New World Order kind of guys? Despite so-called party lines, drunk driving is far too common on all sides of the aisle.

This Sobriety Test Required No Coordination

When you can't get your ABCs right, then counting backwards is going to be downright entertaining.

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This Senator Was Driving While Stinking Drunk

When the first clue that you are drunk is your aroma, then you are stinking drunk.

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Ashburn Drives Drunk And Endangers Lives

There's all that stuff they say about him, and then there is the fact that he willingly endangered lives near the state capitol.

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