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When the rich and famous get arrested for drunk driving, they tend to come away from it looking pretty foolish. It's so obvious that a movie star or professional athlete would never have to do their own driving under normal circumstances, let alone if they are drinking. But famous people are people and some people prefer to drive themselves ... so much so that they'll drive after drinking even though they know how embarrassing it can be when they are caught. Also consider the tight inner circle most celebrities have. These people benefit from a particular celebrity's success, and therefore have a vested interest in protecting that celebrity's image. But still, it happens.

Here are some famous people who should have hired a driver ...

Admit It: Lindsay's Sentencing Is A Guilty Pleasure

Epic reaction from Lindsay Lohan at her sentencing trial. Of course, we all know how that sentence played out, but at least we were blessed with this sweet video.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Eric Carmen of the Raspberries

Eric's FIRST drunk driving arrest in 2007. He hit a mailbox and a sign before parking on someone's front lawn.

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Hey, Somebody Wake Up La Russa

Tony managed to fall asleep at a red light. When the cops woke him, he couldn't get his ABCs straight.

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No Beer Pitcher For This Pitcher!

This guy was driving around with a bottle of Crown Royal at his side!

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