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Some people learn from their mistakes. Two thirds of all people who get a DUI realize the mistakes they are making, and take the simple steps to not let it happen again. For the other nearly 400,000 people arrested each year, a DUI is just a symptom of bigger problems. They are the Serial Drunk Drivers. People like the folks on this page are spiralling either downward or out of control. As they do, we all pay the price in lives lost, injuries, and property damage.


Dirty Cop Sets BAC Record For State Of Washington

She could have been on our "We Know Better" page, but 2 DUIs in 2 days with the 2nd being a .47 placed this ex-cop on this page. Most people risk falling into a coma above a .40!

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By Your 3rd DUI, You're Usually Out Of Control

Like this guy. Each time it gets worse. Few people with three or more drunk driving arrests live happy, peaceful lives.

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