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Such a Deal

Some people think hotels and motels are expensive. If you've looked at our lesson entitled “DUI – A Costly Mistake”, then you know how expensive a DUI can be. Clearly, you should avoid a DUI at all costs! We want you to think of hotels and motels as another alternative to drinking and driving. Why, you could stay in a $200/day room in a 5-star hotel for a month and not spend as much as the cheapest DUI will cost!

It's All About the Alternatives

simple, yet cozy hotel roomAlways look for alternatives to drinking and driving. Taxis can be convenient. But depending on how far you have to go, a motel room may be cheaper.

You Don't Even Need To Spend The Night

You know that if you get drunk, the only way you are going to get your BAC level back down is to WAIT. If you have several hours to kill before you can drive, a cheap hotel can be a good deal. Kick back on the bed, watch some TV or listen to some music. When you are ready to drive again, hit the road.

Get Ready to Relax

Before you go out, make sure you are prepared to Get a Room

Our Best Hotel Tip

Lots of hotels have fine entertainment and dancing in their lounges. Some offer dark, cozy bars perfect for getting to know someone. If you only go out drinking occasionally, check out the hotel scene in your area. Get a Room and have some fun right in the hotel bar without the worry of a drunk driving arrest.


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