DUI - A Costly Mistake

A DrinkingAndDriving.Org Lesson

piles of cash You've been pulled over and arrested for DUI.  Fortunately, you didn't crash, damage any property, or hurt anybody.  One of the biggest concerns facing you now is financial.   A routine DUI without any damage or injury is Very Expensive.  Using California as an example, let's break down how much this is going to cost.

Thinking of Drinking and Driving?

Check your bank account first. 
Do you have an extra



That's what you will spend if you are arrested for a routine DUI.

Three of the bills you will pay are variable.  At their low end, each is very expensive. 

Variable Costs
ReasonRangeWhy it Varies
Fine$390 - $1,200A mixture of the circumstances of your case and the personal decision of your Judge.

Attorney Fees$500 - $10,000Lawyers charge higher prices in highly populated areas. Quality is a huge factor in price too!

Insurance Rate Increases$3,600 - $6,600A DUI will increase your rates significantly for at least 3 years.

Total$4,490 - $17,800But wait, there's more!

There is also a list of smaller Standard fees and bills you have to pay which add up considerably. 

Different states will have different fees with the same re$ults.

Standard Costs
Penalty Assessment$666
State Restitution Fund$100
Alcohol-Abuse Education Fund$50
Blood or Breath Testing Fee$37
Jail Cite and Release Fee$10
Driving/Alcohol Awareness School$500
License Reissue Fee$100
Towing and Storage$187

This all adds up to a grand total of between

$6,140 and $19,450!!!!

Thinking of Drinking and Driving?  Check your bank account first.  Can you afford it?

But Wait ... There's More!

In fifteen states and many individual counties, your first offense also means you get to pay for installation and monitoring of an Ignition Interlock Device in your car. 

At around $100 installation and $60/month monitoring/calibration for a year, you can add yet another $800 or so to all of the above. 

Remember, these costs are from a so-called routine DUI.  If you have damaged your vehicle or any property, or if you have injured or killed someone, the costs as we have outlined them here become a small fraction of what you will pay.  Can you afford it?


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