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October 18-24, 2009 - National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week at BGSU

NCAAW is an annual event at over 1000 colleges and universities. When preparing for this year's activiites, Bowling Green State University of Ohio wanted a pledge to not drink and drive. Their search led them to us because The SoberDriver's Pledge is honestly about the only pledge to not drink and drive out there. We were honored to have them model their pledge after ours. They also gave out 500 of our air fresheners to their Athletes and their Greeks! Here are pictures from this BGSU Event.

August 21, 2009 - Rotolo Chevrolet's Cruise Night in Fontana, California

Cruise Night is an opportunity to see dozens of classic and vintage cars up close and meet their owners.

DrinkingAndDriving.Org was on hand to remind people not to drink and drive. We also gave out our air fresheners (a nice in your face reminder not to drink and drive) and handy 'glove box' editions of our National Designated Driver Services Directory.

February 20-22, 2009 - NASCAR Auto Club 500

  .08 Single Use Crystal Breathalyzer on Key Chain

At the Auto Club 500, we were all about breathalyzers! We teamed up with our good friend Jon from AlcoCheckPoint to provide hundreds of free breathalyzer tests throughout the event all three days.

We didn't stop there. 500 people signed up for our newsletter and walked away with a single-use .08 crystal breathalyzer on a DrinkingAndDriving.Org key chain.

We also gave out hundreds of 'glove box' editions of our National Designated Driver Services Directory as well as thousands of our air fresheners.

National Directory of Designated Driver Services Mmmm - Pina Colada air freshener!

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