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A simple pledge to save lives.

Taking the PledgeLots of informationThis Pledge is catching on!Move along now!We love a good pledge to not drink and drive! Here's the BGSU pledge at the Student Wellness Network desk.

DrinkingAndDriving.Org Air Fresheners

They're gonna have great smelling rides!Lots of remindersNo drunk drivers here!Move along now!These air fresheners are a pleasant smelling in-your-face reminder not to drink and drive. These air fresheners and the pledge to always drive sober are real tools that can help prevent drunk driving.

Fatal Vision Goggles

Walking the line at a .07-.10Good thing we're already at the bottom of the stairs!Move along now!Fatal Vision Goggles simulate alcohol impairment. There are goggles to simulate daytime or nighttime at varying degrees of drunkenness from under a .06 to over a .25! You can learn more about these goggles and other amazing acohol awareness tools at the Fatal Vision website.

Fatal Crash Vehicle

BannerTruck and BannerMove along now!You almost expect to see a vehicle that was involved in a DUI related crash at these events. It always hits home because it's always a local victim. This once fine looking truck was involved in a local DUI related fatality.

When you see a vehicle on display like this, you should always remember ...

Banner and TruckTruckMove along now!At that same time, there are literally hundreds of vehicles like this on display all over the country. (Imagine how many there are on college campuses Right Now because of NCAAW) These vehicles are always plentiful with new ones being 'created' every hour. This one was displayed courtesy of the local law enforcement.

How to Get High, Naturally

Over 500 students attended a presentation by motivational speaker Matt Bellace, Ph.D. His "How to Get High, Naturally" program encourages over a hundred thousand students per year to pursue natural highs and make healthy choices.

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