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Maloney Gets Himself Off

Maloney Arrest from WKRG Video

How unbelievably surreal it was to watch the dash-cam video of Mr. David J. Maloney being arrested on the suspicion of DUI. I mean, here’s a man whose TV campaigns portray him as a swaggering aggressor against drunken-driving. Yet, there he was, refusing a field sobriety exercise and an Intoxilyzer breath test, and subsequently, being Read the full article…


Obama’s Opinion of Drunk Driving Will Kill Innocent People

A glimpse into the future?

This news story about a child killed by an illegal immigrant drunk driver would be just another in the endless string of DUI fatality stories.  But this one has people angry because it comes at the same time President Obama has stated his intention to make drunk driving convictions a non-deportable offense. While this is Read the full article…


Breathalyzer Refusal – It’s Your (worthless) Right!

When you are suspected of drunk driving and the officer wants to give you a breathalyzer test, that officer will likely tell you that you have a right to refuse the test. Sounds great, doesn’t it? If you refuse, because you have a ‘right’ to, then there’s no evidence, right? Well, a breathalyzer test is Read the full article…