Broncos’ Shiloh Keo Does a 180 After DUI

At first, Shiloh was ready to bet his ‘whole NFL salary’ that his tail light was working and that his arrest for DUI was BS!  Pulled over by Idaho State Police in Ada County for a burnt out tail light, Shiloh was put in the back of the police car where video shows he went on a drunken rant tying his treatment by ISP to the reason for anti-police protests and even promising to get President Obama involved.  Meanwhile, he was very clearly impaired and represented a true threat to public safety by driving.  [Foul Sound Warning: Keo’s tirade is NSFW]

Check out the video obtained by TMZ Sports.  They also got this dashcam snap of Shiloh’s car with its one working tail light.

Dashcam Still of Shiloh's Tail Lights obtained by TMZ Sports

Dashcam Still of Shiloh’s Tail Lights obtained by TMZ Sports

That was back on February 13.  Now that he’s sobered up and his two game NFL suspension hits, Shiloh has changed his stance.  He let his team and fans down.  He acknowledges that and more in his statement on Sunday as reported by KUSA NBC 9.

The suspension is on top of the (less than $1,000) fine, one year probation, driver license suspension, and visits to 8 high schools as reported by The Denver Post.

Hoping to turn things around, Shiloh sees this as an opportunity to have a positive impact on youth in the future.  He’s saying all the right things for now.  But a third of all drunk drivers go on to get arrested for repeat offenses.

After his suspension, he will be tested and tempted by life as a Bronco.  The best thing he can do for himself is to continue reaching out to the youth even beyond his probation.  Shiloh will to need to distance himself not only from his actions that night, but from many ongoing behaviors of his teammates.



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