Russian Roulette

russian roulette When you hear of an 8% increase, it can be music to your ears, especially when it comes to things like wages, property value, and retirement plans. However, this same increase, when correlated to the number of traffic deaths in the first half of this year, should produce more of an alarming effect.

This increase, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, can be partly attributed to lower prices at the pump, coupled with an upward trending economy. But, NHTSA Administrator, Mark Rosekind, believes there is more than just one culprit responsible for the statistical uptick. He suspects texting and other “smartphone distractions” are contributors, as well as drunken driving, and increased teenage driving.

Until we truly believe that each time we get behind the wheel after a couple of drinks, or every time we allow our phone to command our attention, that we are playing a game of “roulette”,  not only with our lives, but with the lives of others, then, and only then will we ever see this number decline.

I’m writing from prison, because I drove drunk and the result was the death of another person. If you don’t think I can happen to you, trust me, it absolutely can.

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Chad Mattson
Currently serving a 15 year prison sentence for DUI manslaughter, Chad Mattson has made it his life's mission to ensure that others do not make the same mistake he did, which resulted in the death of another person.

Visit for more about Chad and the 'I Chose' movement to eliminate impaired driving.

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