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The DrinkingAndDriving.Org Video Gallery

Drunk Driving Videos


The videos on these pages are presented for educational purposes as well as entertainment. You'll find that the intro text for each category frequently includes useful information.

Categories include

  • Accidents - speaks for itself, doesn't it?
  • Busted Again - these are videos about repeat offenders
  • Sobriety Tests - FAILED sobriety tests, that is! Learn just what sobriety tests are
       and the ways people fail them
  • Famous - celebrities, athletes, the rich and famous who can afford a
       full-time driver, or at least a cab
  • Follow The Drunk - a perverse game played *mostly* in other countries
  • How Not To Act - when pulled over for drunk driving
  • Kids - sometimes they are innocent victims ... but not always!
  • Mothers - is a drunk driving mom an oxymoron? Also, important party tips.
  • We Know Better - at least you'd think these people would, but NOOOOO.
  • Politicians - all parties agree when it comes to drunk driving
  • Strange - some drunk driving arrests are *special*

So sit back, turn down the lights, and learn something!




Bad language and naughty bits are not safe for work

Videos which might not be safe for work are flagged with this graphic.

Most of the videos on these pages come from liveleak. Videos from other sources will have the name of the provider in the title beneath the thumbnail.

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