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Strange Drunk Driving Videos

Some drunk driving arrests are pretty standard. A guy floats into the next lane, cops pull him over, test and arrest, and the DMV and courts sort out the rest.

But some drunk driving arrests stand out. Maybe it was their choice of vehicle. Maybe they turned themselves in. Perhaps it's just strange because they were arrested on Halloween in costume.

The biggest lesson on this page is that when you have been drinking, don't count on avoiding a DUI just because you are in something other than a car. No matter what your mode of transportation is, no matter what you are wearing, no matter what's going on, you must WAIT WAIT WAIT after drinking before leaving.

Drunk Driver Calls 911 On Himself!

This is what you call 'Doing the right thing the wrong way'.

Golf Cart DUI #1

I thought we had another celeb DUI, but that isn't John Carradine. It's a drunk guy on a golf cart.

Golf Cart DUI #2

A surprising number of people think they can get away with tooling down the road drunk in their golf cart.

HUI - On Horseback, Under the Influence

Even ONE horsepower is too much to control when you've been drinking.

JDUI - On Your John Deere Under The Influence

When you're drunk, never hop on your tractor to go to the drive-thru.

Lawn Mower DUI Suspect Is Repeat Offender

"How many times do I gotta tell you you can't be drivin' down the road, drinkin' on a lawn mower?"

Santa Has A Bad Night!

OK, this is totally staged and made up. Funny, though.

Santa's on the naughty list!  This video is Not Safe For Work

So Does An Elf!

This one is real. Never drink and drive when dressed like an elf!

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