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We Know Better, But That Doesn't Stop Us!

Sure, it can be argued that everyone should know better than to drive after drinking. There are some people however, who have received very specific training with regard to drunk driving and in fact, should know better than the average driver not to drink and drive.

For educators trying to shape young people, a drunk driving arrest is a terrible blow to their credibility. Those of us outside of the education system would say that these people have a responsibility to live their personal lives in ways that do not endanger the public.

Then there are those people who are given special training with regard to drunk driving. These are usually people who interact with drunk drivers on a daily basis. That's right. We're talking about people in law enforcement and throughout the legal system.

When one of these individuals drives drunk, it gives the appearance of flaunting their position, or worse, going out of their way to break the very laws they are sworn to uphold. As we say, a cop who breaks the same laws that he would arrest you or me for is a dirty cop!

"Here Comes The Judge"

This judge sets a precedent for what he considers wrong-doing. Hit & run and drinking while driving isn't doing anything wrong.

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What Will The Kids In Detention Say?

What could be a normal failed sobriety test becomes something more substantial if you are a High School Principal. This poor guy couldn't get his A,B,C's right.

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The President Of A Technical College Is Smart, Right?

The only smart thing this guy did was to remain polite, even though saying "please" didn't help him any.

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"The Corrections Officer Gets An Attitude Correction"

Such patience! How did they wait so long to tase this guy?

The filth coming from this creep's mouth is Not Safe For Work

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Former Cop Sets State BAC Record

A .47 BAC is frequently accompanied by a coma.

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This Guy Plays Good Cop / Bad Cop By Himself!

Some dirty cops keep up a convincing front, till they get caught.

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