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Although there is a downward trend, over 1,500 children under the age of 16 are being killed in drunk driving accidents in America every year.

It surprises some when a mother is arrested for drunk driving with her kids in the car. But as we point out in the Kids catetory of this video gallery, there are still both moms and dads doing this.

You expect a mother to be especially sensitive to endangering their child. We hope the number of DUI-related child fatalities continues to decline as awareness is raised, primarily by the introduction of laws targeting this abberant behavior.

Mothers should also know better than to let young people drive away drunk. We must point out the importance of proper party planning for those who take the 'Cool Mom' approach to extremes.

"... a Vodka Bottle In Her Front Seat ..."

... and twin daughters in the back! Not cool.

Driving Drunk With Her Toddler In Her Lap

On a rainy day, too! In a collision, this child would have most likely died whether the car has air bags or not.

When Entertaining Your Kid's Friends, Remember

Give them time to sober up before kicking them out to their cars.

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