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When a drunk driver has a passenger in the car, they endanger their passenger. Still, many people (some drunk themselves) will get in a drunk friend or relative's car willingly.

Think about the Mom or Dad who regularly drinks and drives. There are many children who, having no choice, are regularly passengers of drunk drivers.

Laws are beginning to become popular which increase the penalties for driving drunk with a child in the vehicle. New York State's 'Leandra's Law' makes it a felony to drive drunk with a child in the car.

It isn't just Moms and Dads getting drunk and driving children around town. Imagine finding out your child's school bus driver was driving the route drunk.

Of course, not all children are helpless victims. Some do their own drunk driving!

13 Yr. Old Calls 911 on Drunk Driving Dad

Notice that driving your child around while drunk can impact custody arrangements.

8 Yr. Old Calls 911 on Drunk Driving Mom

Sounds terrifying, doesn't it? Some parents don't realize what they put their kids through.

Drunk Schoolbus Driver

You want to assume that a schoolbus driver would avoid driving drunk. But it happens. More scared children.

Drunk 12 Yr. Old Steals SUV, Gets Shot At

This drunk kid stole his neighbor's ride and got into a wild police pursuit

Drunk 11 Yr. Old In 100 MPH Police Chase

Although it ends in a spectacular crash, this little girl was not seriously injured.

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