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How Not To Act When Pulled Over For Drunk Driving

Any time you are pulled over by the police, there are several things you can do which will GUARANTEE not only a trip to jail, but a tougher time when you get to court too!

It is no coincidence that they are the same things many drunk drivers will do thanks to their impaired judgment.

Among the behaviors to avoid are Fleeing, Arguing, Fighting, and Acting Inappropriately. Even when drinking, you should always remember that there are many cameras around, and if you get pulled over, you will be in front of one of them.

Brand On The Run

This is NOT how the grocery store wants to see their name on TV! Remember if you run, they will catch you. When they catch you, they'll be angry.

Mr. Turner Has Something To Say About That

Being overly opinionated with the arresting officers never helps.

The things Mr. Turner says are Not Safe For Work

When Given A Chance To Comply, Take It!

When the cuffs are going on, it's too late to say you've changed your mind and want to be cooperative.

And Whatever You Do

Never ask an officer to interact with your genitals.

You Wouldn't Say This To Your Boss, So It's Not Safe For Work

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