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Drunk Driving Crashes and Other Collisions

Damages and injuries from drunk driving accidents cost America tens of billions of dollars every year. Drunk driving accidents are frequently worse than other auto accidents because a drunk driver can come at you from almost anywhere, as some of these videos show ...

It's A Bird ... It's A Plane ... It's A Drunk Driver!

She actually flew over a car waiting in the toll booth. You can read more about her if you Google "General Lee at DFW".

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Drunk Driver Visits A Gas Station

Always remain alert! Standing in line at the gas station convenience store can be unexpectedly dangerous.

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Drunk Driver Visits A Grocery Store

"I just need to stop in for a few quick things."

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Drunk Driver Visits A Liquor Store

"I could swear I've been here before, just not in my car ..."

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Drunk Driver Visits A Restaurant

"I heard about this great new drive-thru sushi place."

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Aftermath Of A Fatal DUI Crash

OK, we had our fun. But if you were looking for the horrible accident video, here is emergency response to a particularly nasty crash.

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Russian DUI Collision Coverage

If that last one wasn't enough for you, try this Russion news coverage of a fatal DUI collision.

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