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It's Issue #2!

I'd like to start out by welcoming our new subscribers.  In fact, I should probably salute some of you!   

Looking Back

We have have been busy and if you drop by our site occasionally, you will notice we are always adding new features as well as refining old favorites. 

One of the new features we've added is "Drunk Driving News" at the bottom of the Home page.  It's a regularly updated (several times a day) set of news stories on the topic of driving under the influence. 

We're also very excited to see people taking the new SoberDrivers Pledge.  It's your personal promise to never drink and drive.  But it's more than that.  It's also a commitment to help others avoid driving drunk.  Be sure to do your part this holiday season.  Watch out for your friends and loved ones.

DrinkingAndDriving.Org has been awarded two grants!

DrinkingAndDriving.Org is proud to announce we have received our first grants! 

Wells Fargo has generously supported DrinkingAndDriving.Org with a $1,000 Community Partners Grant for operating expenses.  These much needed funds will help us to continue providing the best free self-help DUI prevention tools available.

We have also been awarded a Google Grant!  It is an in-kind advertising grant.  This gives us greater visibility on Google and helps us reach more people.  We are using it specifically to bring more people to our DUI Avoidance Lesson Plan, our Drunk Driving Prevention Tools page, and our National Directory of Designated Driver Services.

BGSU + DrinkingAndDriving.Org = NCAAW 

When Bowling Green State University was preparing for the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week campaign, we were honored to become part of the event through a custom version of our SoberDrivers Pledge and air fresheners for prize handouts.  Throughout the week, we received pictures and put together this page for their event.

More Live Events  rotolo01newsletter.gif

In recent months, we visited Rotolo Chevrolet's Cruise Night in Fontana, California.  There were a lot of very cool cars on display, but one night, this young man in the picture drove up on the coolest set of wheels cruising!  And he's already promised to never drink and drive.  There are more pictures on our events page. 

In 2009, we also had our awesome NASCAR event where we gave away 500 single-use breathalyzers on keychains.  Many of you signed up for this newsletter that weekend.  For anyone that hasn't seen it, go to our events page to read all about it and see lots of pictures from NASCAR and other events.

We're Not Your Mother!

Another live event we participated in over the summer was the National Disaster and Safety Preparedness Fair put on by the Fontana Police Department. 

This was the first event we attended where MADD was in attendance too!  They were at one end of the parking lot with the crashed car and victim pictures while we were at the other end giving away viral reminder air fresheners and copies of the National Directory of Designated Driver Services. 

I feel the combined presence made an impact on people.  Clearly we speak to different audiences and we both were able to find that audience among people visiting the fair.  With MADD's focus on what happens after you drink and drive paired with DrinkingAndDriving.Org's focus on what happens before you drink and drive, few could escape the message! 

The San Bernardino MADD director came by our booth to tell me the reason she thinks MADD is so successful is because they are Mothers.  She picked up our designated driver directory, gave it a glance and put it back down.  I told her I thought it was great that we were both at the Fair.  She said she had seen lots of little organizations like ours start up and fail and then reiterated that MADD is made up of Mothers.  Finally she said if there was anything she could ever do for us, to just let her know and she walked away.  She was out of earshot before I could say, "Nice meeting you too!" 

That's OK.  They have their audience and we have ours.  It's this very attitude which creates our audience.  We can't be offended because this meeting highlights our role as the group to go to for drunk driving prevention instead of drunk driving punishment. 

Once someone has made the big mistake of driving drunk and gotting caught for it, MADD will do everything in their power to make sure that person faces the stiffest penalties possible.

BEFORE someone makes that mistake, we'll be pushing Our agenda to teach the DUI Avoidance Lesson Plan and supply cool prevention tools like the National Directory of Designated Driver Services.

It gives us a new catch-phrase we'll need to incorporate into a T-shirt or something ... "We're Not Your Mother!"

Looking Ahead 

Our strategy moving forward is to expand our brand.  Sounds very business-like, but as more people become aware of us, it gets easier to be heard by others.  By staying consistently on the message as we do, our credibility broadens.  We are already being mentioned by and linked to from school library systems, military newsletters, columnists, designated driver services, and even other anti-drunk driving campaigns such as DUI is for Losers.

This year, close to 3/4 million drivers will be arrested for their first DUI.  This is our target.  And it is dispersed among drivers of all ages and types everywhere.  This why we must expand our brand.  Our longterm goals include becoming a household name associated with prevention of drunk driving.  

The larger our audience becomes, the more effective we become.  And you can help us! 

Help  DrinkingAndDriving.Org Reach More People 
  • Become our Fan on FaceBook.
  • Do you have or know somebody with a website?  We'd appreciate links! 
  • If DrinkingAndDriving.Org has inspired or made a difference in your life, write to me and let us know.
  • Do you have one of our air fresheners?  Send us a picture of it hanging in your ride.  We'd love to put them up.  (Let us know if we need to blur anything in the picture for you!) 
  • Donate as little as a dollar through one of the Google Donate buttons on our website.  We don't aggressively bug you for donations because we are just people facing the same economic crisis you are.  But keep us in mind, OK?

As a newsletter subscriber, you are one of our best supporters.  We realize you take a genuine interest in what we do.  For this reason, we have to admit that we have not done as good a job of staying in touch through our newsletter as we feel you deserve.  So you can expect to hear from us more often.

You can also expect to see some interesting new campaigns from us as well as new tools and information.  If you drop by the site occasionally, you know it is anything but static.

This is the year of the census.  We are quite frankly waiting for the census before we roll out updates to our statistics.  DrinkingAndDriving.Org is still the only resource presenting DUI statistics in relation to population.  The new census data, along with some newer statistics will give us a fresh new look at the drunk driving habits of America.  Every county and state will receive a new grade (A-F) on DUI arrests and fatalities.  So you can expect to see big announcements late in the year as we hand out our grades!

Times have been tough for us all, but it only gets better from here!





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