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Over the last 6 months, DrinkingAndDriving.Org has been partnering with BACtrack to do breathalyzer giveaways at public events.  Since recent headlines make what we are doing together all the more timely, I wanted to talk about it here.

Do you know .05 from .08?  I mean when you’re drinking, can you tell the difference?  The NTSB recommendation to lower the legal limit is likely to be adopted by your state once highway funds are tied to the action.  Deciding when it’s OK to drive will be a bigger challenge to everyone who is already making the mistake of thinking they’re good to go after a beer or two.  Arrests are going to go through the ROOF!

Regardless of legal limits, our goal should always be to drive .00 sober.  The problem with that goal is that if we’ve been drinking, feeling less drunk usually confuses us into thinking we’re back to normal when we’re not.  When you get to that stage of feeling sober, are you really at a .00?  A .02, maybe?  .04 or .05 more likely, especially if your target has always been to dip below .08 before getting behind the wheel.

So now many of you will be reaching for .04 or lower.  The point is that if you are a driver who drinks, knowing your BAC is becoming more crucial than ever!

Read our Avoiding DUI Using Personal Tech articleWhen you have a breathalyzer you can prevent yourself and those around you from driving under the influence.  You can even make sure that you are never the passenger of a drunk driver!  That’s why we LOVE to be involved in breathalyzer giveaways.  The very first event we attended was a NASCAR weekend in 2009 where we gave away hundreds of single-use crystal based breathalyzers on keychains!

See dates for our fundraisers at Hooters in OntarioBack in February, Hooters in Ontario (725 N Milliken Ave.  Ontario CA 91764) began holding monthly fundraisers for DrinkingAndDriving.Org and thanks to BACtrack, I’ve been able to give away an electronic breathalyzer at each of these events.  Three of them have been law-enforcement grade models.  I get to say to the crowd, “If you don’t win this breathalyzer tonight, you still have a chance to try out the same one if you get pulled over.” Yes, they actually give me a microphone and let me take over the restaurant for a few minutes to hold my drawing.  These are 4 hour events, so I start the evening by randomly handing out bus passes (generously provided by OmniTrans.) Then, around 6:30 I begin giving out tickets for the breathalyzer drawing.

These fundraisers take people by surprise.  Folks come in for the wings or to watch sports and wind up at a benefit for an organization that prevents drunk driving!  OmniTrans and BACtrack, thank you for being my Partners in Prevention and West Coast Hooters, I Greatly Appreciate your support, generosity, and hospitality!  See you later this month.

Meanwhile, National Night Out is coming up this coming Tuesday and DrinkingAndDriving.Org will be at the NNO event in Fontana.  NNO is all about crime prevention, so drunk driving prevention fits right in.  Thanks to BACtrack (again), DrinkingAndDriving.Org is donating an electronic breathalyzer to be given away at this event’s raffle.

Want a chance to win a BACtrack breathalyzer?  Come to one of our events!


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