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Cowboys Use MADD in Statue of Liberty Play!

“Hey, look me!  What am I doing, huh?  Hey!  I’ve got the ball over here!  Hey Look, look this way …  OOPS , I handed it to the guy behind me!!!  Ha!”

We’ve talked about the drunk driving culture within the Cowboys.  Their culture says, “We’ve been drinking together and I don’t care if you drive away.”  It is this social behavior which allowed Josh Brent to kill Jerry Brown. [BALL SNAPPED]

There was some excitement today with the news that Dallas Cowboy Officials had a big meeting with MADD.  For the past few months, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been vigorously trying to get the NFL to pay attention to their messaging with little luck.  An announcement last year that the NFL was partnering with MADD went limp as only two teams got involved OUT OF 32.  Now, the damaged Dallas Cowboys are reluctantly interacting with MADD.  But will it do any good?

Stephen Jones picture from Black Sports Online

Ain't I a smug SOB???

Stephen Jones is the executive vice president of the team.  Surely he was enlightened by this intervention.  Let’s see what he had to say after the meeting … [QB FADES BACK AND PREPARES TO THROW A PASS]

“At the end of the day we’re all accountable for our actions. We certainly have to get better as an organization. We all have to get better in terms of our decision making and our community obviously, the Cowboys, our players, our coaches, our executives are held to high standards and people look up to that. There’s no excuses, we have to get better. We’re going to continue to look for ways to get better as an organization in terms of what we do, obviously it’s not good enough until we get to a point where there’s zero incidents, were not going to rest and we’re not going to be satisfied.”


That was a statement that could be about ANYTHING!  Was Jones talking about showing up late to practice, or littering, or swearing in media interviews?  Stephen Jones sits with and listens to victims.  He should consider himself a victim.  Yet comes out and spews a lot of nonsense all the while STILL REFUSING TO USE THE WORDS DRUNK DRIVING, UNDER THE INFLUENCE, OR ANY TERM THAT SUGGESTS HE IS TALKING ABOUT THE SAME THING WE ARE.  He doesn’t even acknowledge the connection between this meeting and Josh Brent killing Jerry Brown or Jay Ratliff’s subsequent DUI.

With a response from upper management like this, I don’t think the Cowboys or the communities they drive in are any safer than they were last week.  We really need to see and hear these guys acknowledge the flaw in their culture – that they have a drunk driving problem – that they let each other drive drunk.  They need to acknowledge that this is the behavior which needs to change.  They need to be direct and blunt with themselves and the public.

Today, we fell for the old statue of liberty play.  We thought the Cowboys management was making progress by meeting with MADD, but we’ve been faked out.  There appears to be no change in direction despite the dog and pony show put on today.

Stephen Jones took NOTHING away from that meeting.  The executive vice president of the team CAN’T AND WON’T directly address the drunk driving culture within the Cowboys.

What’s next?



3 comments to Cowboys Use MADD in Statue of Liberty Play!

  • Susan

    Good I think MADD is insane and criminalises innocent people…………..the laws we have now are insane…………

  • Susan

    I will never support those crazy women punishing innocent people does not bring back their lovrd ones……..

  • Susan

    I think it is a shame that they have taken power out of judges hands where it belongs and.clogged up our courts and busied our cops with innocent people who have not hurt anyone……..

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