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Now Impaired Drivers Are Terrorizing Airports!

It sounds like 21 year old Koko Nicole Anderson saw the runway lights at Arizona’s Sky Harbor International Airport and thought she found the Electric Daisy Carnival.  Koko crashed through two gates before crashing into a barrier protecting the fuel farm.  When airport police show up, she’s got a pacifier in her mouth and is looking for her flip-flop (a little ecstasy, maybe?)   The video of her violent entry onto the runway becomes much more shocking when you realize that Koko is so wasted, she doesn’t know her infant son is in the back seat!!!

This mugshot from ABC-15 reminds me of an album cover
This mugshot from ABC-15 reminds me of an album cover

The Huffington Post article is interesting because it points out a number of occasions over the years of vehicles (with not necessarily impaired drivers) finding or crashing their way onto an international airport tarmac.  Alarmingly, several have happened at this one airport.

There have been three incidences in America this year; two impaired drivers and (at least) one mentally unstable driver.  These cases raise obvious security concerns.  If a drunk person can drive onto a runway, what could a handful of terrorists in vans full of explosives do?

Drunk driving resembles terrorism in that you never know where or when it will happen and its victims are random.  If a terrorist plot is brewing, you can only hope that intelligence exists which can be used to prevent it from happening around you.  On top of that, if you are aware of something that could indicate the planning of a terrorist attack, you know that you must pass this information on so that somebody can act on it.

Am I going to say there is a lack of intelligence when it comes to drunk driving?  Not at all.  Sure, I could talk about how dumb a person has to be to drive drunk.  But I’m talking about the same kind of intelligence that prevents terrorism.

That’s right, I’m talking about OUR role in being aware of what goes on around US and being prepared to prevent the terrorism that is drunk driving.  There is NO LACK of intelligence available to prevent drunk driving around the holidays.

What we seem to lack is the capacity to act on the intelligence we acquire.  We see things and let them slip past us.  We drink with each other on Thanksgiving, at Christmas parties, New Years and all the other holiday get-togethers.   As one of us gets up to leave, we don’t act on the intelligence we have that says, “Joe just put down his xth beer.  He could drive away from here and kill somebody!”

This is the time of year when it becomes apparent how we turn a blind eye to the people we celebrate with, become impaired with, and drive away with.  Many lives will be lost between now and the end of the year because we possessed intelligence and did not act on it.

This holiday season throughout your parties and gatherings, be aware of who’s drinking, who’s driving, and who’s not ready to go yet.  Use this intelligence to prevent the terrorism known as drunk driving.



2 comments to Now Impaired Drivers Are Terrorizing Airports!

  • The holiday season has to be the worst time for these tragic accidents to happen. With all the holiday parties and celebrations going on. Good thing it is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, hopefully more attention brought ot this issue will save a few lives this holiday season.

  • Susan

    Well, in this case reckless driving was caught on camera go ahead charge the person…….which I think they should have wteckless driving on camera to charge you……

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