New! Drunk Driver Obstacle Course in Virginia

On a small section of roadway in Loudoun County is trying a new measure to slow down speeders.  Take a look at this picture from WTOP-FM’s story, Zig-zag lines being painted on purpose.  The concept is that a driver confronted with zig-zag lines in the road will slow down to figure it out. 

zig zag lines 202

The idea has been tried in a couple of other countries with some success.  I can imagine that if I were driving down that road, I would have a WTF moment when first encountering the lines.

But how will drunk drivers react?  It would be great if it went like a comedy shtick I saw decades ago on the Tonight Show.  It may have been Carl Reiner or one of his cronies.  But it went like this …

“Here’s my impression of a drunk walking down the sidewalk.”  Predictably, the comedian staggers and weaves all over the stage.  

“Now – that same drunk walking down the same street during an earthquake.”  He walks perfectly straight and steady across the stage.  LOL.

So will drunk drivers suddenly drive straight, safe, and true?

NO.  When drinking and driving, people do not seem to pay attention to lines.

Will it create an additional safety hazard with drunk drivers?

NO.  Again, lines on a road mean nothing to drunk drivers.  Crooked or straight, a drunk driver will not follow them. 

It will be interesting to see if this really works to slow down fast drivers.  I hope so.  Driving too fast is dangerous drunk or sober!

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  1. cierra daniels
    cierra daniels May 12, 2010 at 9:50 am |

    first off i just want to say thank you for having this site because ost people relly dont no any thing about the problem we face to day with drunk driving i really hope that buy this page people will start taken this to heart and help change it because after all we can change it if we work together my point beininng is that this is coming from a teenager so it must mean something but keep posting this wonderful blogs


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