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Designated Driving 101 by Spencer Ware


Not a Selfie - This pic shows Spencer Ware in the back seat of the cop car. His friends are drunker than this.

The designated driver must NEVER be the Least Drunk of the bunch!  Illustrating this basic point is Seattle Seahawk, Spencer Ware who was arrested for drunk driving with a couple of friends in the car.

Spencer says he wasn’t as drunk as his friends and that’s why he was driving on what sounds like a night of club-hopping.

Some people get drunk and let themselves get conned into driving.  Others just drive drunk because they just don’t care until they are pulled over.  Which one is Spencer Ware?  In either case, both Spencer and his friends need new friends!

Spencer, go here.


David Cassidy Faces Bigger Problem than Drunk Driving


Come On Get Happy

First Florida, then New York, and Now Los Angeles – is there a way we can get David Cassidy put on a no-fly list?  Everywhere this serial drunk driver goes, he endangers the public and gets arrested.  David has stood up to his demons before and unfortunately, he keeps falling back down.

Some serial drunk drivers do it because of their attitude.  Some do it because of a much larger problem.  You gotta hope that this time David Cassidy gets treatment that sticks before somebody gets hurt.


Why Autonomous Cars WON'T End Drunk Driving

Cars that can drive themselves appear to be on the horizon.  How will this impact drunk driving?  If the car is the driver, will we still be held unaccountable for anything that happens while we are passengers?

When we wrote about the future of drunk driving prevention, we intentionally left autonomous vehicles out of the discussion. [...]


Our Monthly Breathalyzer Drawings at Hooters

Over the last 6 months, DrinkingAndDriving.Org has been partnering with BACtrack to do breathalyzer giveaways at public events.  Since recent headlines make what we are doing together all the more timely, I wanted to talk about it here.

Do you know .05 from .08?  I mean when you’re drinking, can you tell the difference?  The NTSB recommendation [...]


Forget .05 - It's POLD You Need to Know About!

When the NTSB published their recommendation to lower the legal limit for driving from .08 BAC to.05, it was one of several recommendations aimed at all 50 states in their Safety Report entitled, “Reaching Zero: Actions to Eliminate Alcohol-Impaired Driving.”  This document is an excellent resource for anyone truly interested in where we have been [...]


Farrah Abraham Teaches Drunk Driving Prevention

Farrah Abraham has written two blog postings to describe the events of her St. Patrick’s Day drunk driving arrest.  In doing so, she has provided a powerful educational tool for those of us who want to prevent drunk driving!  Some of it just needs to be interpreted in the proper light.  The two original postings [...]


Does Mr. Checkpoint Cause or Prevent Drunk Driving?

Last week, I received an email from K. expressing concern that DrinkingAndDriving.Org partners with Mr. Checkpoint.  Mr. Checkpoint is a service that provides free text alerts for DUI checkpoints.  Here is K.’s email …


From: k.

Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2013 8:06 AM


Subject: website question

Found your website recently and thought it was very good until I came [...]


Cowboys Use MADD in Statue of Liberty Play!

“Hey, look me!  What am I doing, huh?  Hey!  I’ve got the ball over here!  Hey Look, look this way …  OOPS , I handed it to the guy behind me!!!  Ha!”

We’ve talked about the drunk driving culture within the Cowboys.  Their culture says, “We’ve been drinking together and I don’t care if you drive [...]


Cowboys Jerry Brown Killed by Close Friend and Teammate, Josh Brent in Drunk Driving Accident.

The Dallas Cowboys are reeling from the effects of a horrific drunk driving crash which has taken the life of one player and ripped the other from the team.

Josh Brent and Jerry Brown Jr. were longtime friends, having played together at University of Illinois before making it into the NFL and ultimately winding up as [...]


Now Impaired Drivers Are Terrorizing Airports!

It sounds like 21 year old Koko Nicole Anderson saw the runway lights at Arizona’s Sky Harbor International Airport and thought she found the Electric Daisy Carnival.  Koko crashed through two gates before crashing into a barrier protecting the fuel farm.  When airport police show up, she’s got a pacifier in her mouth and is [...]