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DrinkingAndDriving.Org Articles to Help Understand and Prevent Drunk Driving

Do you want to know what 'blood alcohol content' really means and how it affects driving? Are you interested in how breathalyzers work? We want to prevent drunk driving by educating. The content of these articles is intended to answer your questions and empower you. Please read, use and share this knowledge. It means a lot.

A Short History of Drunk Driving

A Short History of Drunk Driving People have been drinking and driving a lot longer than you might think. See how this issue has been raised time and time again - throughout history!

Personal Tech - Avoiding DUI with Devices

Personal Tech - Avoiding DUI with Devices You can use technology to prevent yourself or a loved one from driving drunk. Explore how breathalyzers and ignition interlock systems work. You may Think you are OK to drive, but what really matters is how much alcohol is in your blood.

Blood Alcohol Content - A.K.A. BAC

Blood Alcohol Content - A.K.A. BAC Here are all the details - how alcohol gets into your bloodstream, how it gets out, how it's measured while it's in there, and even how many drinks it should take you to pass out.


BUI - Say What?! You know, commandeering Anything while drunk is a bad idea. Not just cars and trucks, but most forms of transportation have a form of operating while intoxicated laws. Take boats, for example ...

Drink Driving Regulations for the European Traveller

Article on Drinking and Driving for UK travelers to the US We say in our DUI Avoidance Lesson Plan that use of BAC levels to set legal limits for drunk driving is prevelant in many countries. So what do UK travel companies tell their customers about drinking and driving when travelling to the US? Here's an article written by a car rental company in the UK which explains drink driving laws and compares the way the UK and America handle drunk drivers.



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